Good-Bye Canada Free Press

For many years I’ve established my right-wing credentials beyond any doubt. The Canada Free Press under the leadership of Judi McLeod has been a favorite media outlet for me to not only gain what I gleaned to be TRUE information and not Fake News,  but also to express my opinion.  Very recently I revealed to the world that my daughter is transgender. Since that day I have received via CFP an unbelievable amount of sheer hatred, total bigotry, and just complete and total putrid vitriol. This unbelievable pile of venomous stench has come from a wide range of people on the right wing including many so-called Christians who are nothing but bigots, calling my daughter spawn of the devil amongst other things too vile and vulgar to repeat, from other right wing people who claim that I am an absolute failure as a father when in fact they have absolutely no idea whatsoever what I’ve had to put up with to bring up my two children on my own as a single father.  Other things that I and my daughter have been called cannot be repeated in public.

I expect this level of Filth and Hatred from the left wing, I certainly never anticipated it from the right. Whatever people call me runs off my back, I don’t care, however my daughter deserves none of this at all. What has also become clear is that Judi and CFP have absolutely zero interest in stopping this type of unmitigated hatred. Therefore I shall no longer be posting on CFP.



Joe Biden – A ‘Good Person’? HORSE PUCKEY!

In a recent edition of the Canada Free Press there appeared an article titled  Joe Biden has regrets about not running for President – with good reason

One of the comments made in the article stated: “Joe Biden isn’t a bad person. … Nobody really has anything too terrible to say about him – a rarity in modern American politics.”


horse puckey 2

Joe Biden is NOT a ‘good person’.

How could a ‘good person’ be responsible for enacting the single most misandrous, man and father hating piece of legislation in United States history – the ‘Violence Against Women Act’ (VAWA)?

The following facts are simple and unassailable. Women are as violent or more violent than men in relationships. Men severely under report being victims of violence in the home due to social shaming, lack of services and the propensity of police to arrest and incarcerate whatever male is in the home, regardless of who made the assault or called for help. And there is mounting evidence that women over (falsely) report due to incentives offered them by VAWA and family courts. Many illegal aliens have used provisions of VAWA to commit immigration fraud by falsely alleging domestic abuse.

One might be pressed to wonder why, with 835,000 men a year being victimized by violent partners, would Joe Biden conjure up a mammoth piece of legislation that outright denies that reality? Why, after being trained with VAWA funding, do police arrest men almost exclusively in domestic disputes where many of those men are either acting in self defense, or are in fact the sole victims of the abuse?

To learn the REAL facts about Domestic Violence read the following study rather than continuing to listen to misandrous socialist feminazi propaganda. REFERENCES EXAMINING ASSAULTS BY WOMEN ON THEIR SPOUSES OR MALE PARTNERS: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, authored by Martin S. Fiebert, Department of Psychology, California State University, Long Beach can be found at:

In the summary Fiebert states: “This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.” This is possibly the largest aggregate study ever done on the statistics of male vs female perpetrators of domestic violence. The overwhelming conclusion from this massive data compilation is that the public is being massively, purposely, and systemically lied to about the real truth concerning domestic violence perpetrators and victims.

In Canada it is estimated that more than two billion dollars of taxpayer money is distributed annually by all levels of government to various shelters and other domestic violence programs in Canada. This figure is based on information from Statistics Canada, Status of Women Canada, Health Canada, and other similar provincial agencies and government departments.

The entirety of this sum is provided to programmes and shelters that purport to provide services to women who are the victims of domestic violence. Interestingly, and tragically, not a single cent is provided to any program or shelter to provide services to men and their children who are the victims of such violence.

Health Canada (wwwDOThc-scDOTgcDOTca/hl-vs/pubs/women-femmes/violence-engDOTphp) defined domestic violence as “Acts that result, or are likely to result, in physical, sexual and psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such an act, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty whether occurring in public or private life”.

Nowhere in that definition was there any recognition of the fact that hundreds of thousands of Canadian men are victims of domestic violence, as defined by Health Canada, at the hands of their female partners. This alarming and seldom reported statistic is borne out by Statistics Canada information.

The last time that StatsCan released information, it was reported that the General Social Survey (GSS) on Victimization indicated some 653,000 women and 546,000 men in Canada were the victims of spousal violence in the five years preceding the survey, or about 7% and 6% respectively.

The Survey goes on to point out that nearly all domestic violence victims (95%) who seek out assistance from social agencies, government programmes, or shelters are women. The Survey totally ignores the fact that there are no such agencies, programmes, or shelters for men even if they wanted to seek them out. There are about 550 shelters for woman in Canada, as reported by Statistics Canada, yet they failed to even mention that there is not even one single shelter for abused men and their children in the entire country.

StatsCan reported that in a one year period twenty-one men in Canada were killed by their female partner, an increase of 75% from just one year previous and a continuation of an increasing trend. Yet in that same year the number of women killed by their male partner decreased by 10% from the year previous, continuing a trend of 5 years of continual decline.

Men in Canada are victims of domestic abuse in numbers almost equal to women. The courts ignore it, and in some cases even laugh in the faces of men who report it as part of their divorce testimony. Successive governments have lavished taxpayer money on women’s and feminist groups in support of Domestic Violence studies, programmes, and shelters, ignoring the fact that 85% of such accusations made by women during divorce proceedings are known to be false.

Yet Canadian men and their children continue to suffer, continue to bleed, and continue to die at the hands of their female partners. Do Canadian men and their children not deserve equal help from their government in preventing, escaping, and recovering from such abuse? Do Canadian men and their children not deserve even one single dollar in their fight for protection and justice?

If Joe Biden is a ‘good person’ then the men and fathers of the U.S. and Canada are in serious danger of their health and well-being and even their lives.

Joe Biden??? A ‘Good Person’ ?? HORSE PUCKEY !!

I am a Canadian polio survivor.

Please forgive the somewhat off-topic bent of  of this comment. I am a Canadian polio survivor. Compared to many polio victims, I have been so very, very lucky. Yet polio has always been a part of my life and polio has shaped me  as a man and as a father.

I had polio as a 9 month old child. I suffered paralytic polio & was given little chance to live & have spent weeks in hospital. When I did survive my parents were told I would never walk. I have one leg shorter than the other & my left side is weaker & less robust than my right. I proved the original doctors wrong.

As a child I walked, I ran, I hiked in the woods near my home. As a child I was picked on and bullied by other children because I was ‘crippled’. I was embarrassed to wear short pants because other kids laughed at me because my left leg was shorter and much thinner than my right and I had to wear a build-up on my shoe.

I remember my dad then (as he is still is) as a man of infinite patience who took a morning off work at least once every month to take me for as long as I was a child to see the doctor for a scheduled appointment. I remember that hospital waiting room, and the hallway, and the treatment rooms as though they were yesterday.

Since I was a boy the taunting was probably even worse because boys are expected to be athletic. I had an absolutely wonderful polio doctor who looked after me during my entire childhood and adolescence and carried out the required surgeries and without him I would never have accomplished what I have.

Although other doctors told me at that time that I would never be athletic, Dr. Murphy told me that I should never let other people’s expectations determine what I thought I could do. So I played basketball and football on the school’s intramural teams – I wasn’t the best player but I was far from the worst – but I was always the last person selected in pickup games.

dr-murphy-2 Dr. Vincent Murphy

When I was 14 the leg length discrepancy had gotten to be bad enough that epiphyseal stapling was carried out on the affected leg. I remember being in the hospital for two weeks to have the staples put in and I remember my dad coming every single day during his lunch break and I can still remember nearly every single one of those visits.

I carried the staples in my left knee for two years, and I still insisted on playing school sports and hiking – but the procedure worked and my legs after were essentially the same length, although I still tell people that I am two years shorter than I should be. It was another two week hospital visit after two years to have the staples removed and again dad was there everyday.

When they were out Dr. Murphy smiled and told me to take it easy for a few weeks until I got back to normal. Less than two months later I walked 40 miles in a charity walk and was one of the first 10% of finishers. I recall Dr. Murphy just smiling again when I told him, and saying (with a grin) that I never had followed doctor’s orders.

He then laughed and said “Well you know you’ll probably never be an Olympic Athlete”. He was right about that one prediction but like most polio survivors I refused to let polio win so I took up cycling and hiking and climbing in the mountains, which I still do, to a much lesser extent even today.

Dr. Murphy passed away in 2010 and even though I hadn’t seen him for over 35 years his passing was like a body blow.

I didn’t even know until after he died that he had been a War hero, being shot down over Germany and spending time in a POW camp. From his determination I guess I learned that Polio survivors DO NOT give up.

I now suffer from Post-Polio Syndrome. It is real. There are thousands of polio survivors like me who also suffer but until recently were not taken seriously. Even now it is hard to convince many people that PPS is an actual affliction.

I feel sadness and dread about the recurrence of polio in some nations. But what I feel more is ANGER. Anger that children, little boys and mostly little girls are now being exposed to this scourge. What angers me even more is that the thousands of children, mostly girls who are being FORCED to suffer the ravages of polio NOW because of radical Islamists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, & Nigeria who refuse to allow the vaccination that will prevent the death or  lifetime of suffering that hundreds of thousands of polio victims suffered.

I have lived a good physical life that was essentially normal by all standards, and my suffering was minimal, yet I would gladly suffer again if I knew these children could be saved by my suffering.

I am ANGRY that today’s children must fear what I had hoped was eradicated.

I am ANGRY that children are suffering because of STUPIDITY.


It must be ERADICATED from the face of the earth FOREVER.

To Dr. Murphy : Thank you sir.


Rip Out Your Emotional Suffering, And Lay It Bare For The World To See.

September 1, 2011

For a totally realistic, truthful, and non-flinching look at fatherhood today I strongly recommend the following two CDs:

  • Any Man in America by Blue October (and in particular the title song)
  • Our Stolen Children by Peter van de Voorde (from Australia – this CD is very hard to get but I highly recommend listening to it if you can)

If you are a divorced father – and in particular a divorced single father – these CDs will strike to the very heart of you, rip out your emotional suffering, and lay it bare for the world to see.

My Day in Court. HAH!

January 1, 2014

During my custody battle I was forced to pay thousands of dollars for a “court appointed child custody expert”, who was a practicing Psychiatrist and a Professor of Psychiatry at a local well known university, to decide what the “best interests of the children” were in determining the custody mandate.  Among his many clearly prejudiced actions during the course of months of interview sessions was one memorable afternoon when, with myself and my two young sons together for the interview, he directly told my sons “Your father has severe mental health issues which clearly make your lives Hell, but I shall make sure that ends soon”.  (Nothing of the sort is even remotely true.) This resulted in one of my sons breaking down in inconsolable crying.  This “expert” then wrote in his report that I caused my children severe distress during the interview.


This “court appointed custody expert” was anti-father from the start.  In the end he wrote a 40 page report saying I was one of the worst fathers he had ever seen, quite a shock to the dozens of references I provided who all said totally the opposite.  The report he wrote was full of hundreds of factual errors which were easily checked, as well as hundreds of misstatements, again easily checked (I should call them lies, but I’ll be polite).  I wrote a 45 page rebuttal listing and explaining in detail all the errors and misstatements; and documenting the actual facts, providing detailed directions as to how my statements could be verified. I submitted this to the court as part of my case. Before my case came to court this “expert” died. (Karma?)  When time came for the report and rebuttal to be read in court, the judge said since the report author was dead and unable to defend his report my rebuttal was non-admissible and she would accept his report as written.

My day in court? HAH!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….

July 9, 2010   Based on a News Report from the Calgary Herald on this day.  

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….

  • Man and woman with children get divorced.
  • Mother gets custody – biological father gets support payments.
  • Mother limits access to children – biological father rarely sees them.
  • Mother takes children and moves far away – essentially denying biological father the right to see his children at all.
  • Biological  father forced to continue paying support – mother forced to do nothing to ensure access to father.
  • Mother moves in with no-good low-life – biological father still forced to pay support.
  • No-good low-life is called “stepfather” and is allowed unfettered 24 hour access to children while biological father rarely if ever permitted to see them – either by mother or “family justice” system.
  • Mother’s no good low-life, also known as “stepfather” murders children, denying forever the biological father’s right to see his children.
  • Everyone weeps for mother, nobody cares about biological father – in fact nobody even tells him about the fate of his children.

Oh, you have heard that one before?  Then just wait for the next chapter

  • Socialist feminazi lobby groups team up with government, social agencies, and family justice system to in general further restrict ALL biological fathers’ access to their very own children claiming that studies show children are far safer with their mothers after divorce than with their “fathers”.
  • They cite stories like the one above as proof, taking no notice of the fact that it was the mother’s low-life boyfriend ‘step-father’ who murdered the children NOT the biological father.
  • The media agrees profusely and produces “specials” featuring socialist feminazi spokeswomen supporting the new measures.
  • The great herds of sheep (also known as the general population) nod sagely in agreement and go back to grazing.

Go back to “Stop me …. ” above and repeat.

Children of Divorce will always know who their REAL parent is

I was recently reading an article where a man was concerned about  his ex-wife (who, unsurprisingly had been awarded sole custody and full residency) constantly doing everything possible to vilify him and to alienate his children from him.  He, on the other hand, was doing whatever he could to make sure the children (for whom he was graciously granted ‘access and visitation’  by the Courts for the traditional meager  couple of weeknights and one weekend a month) saw NEITHER parent as bad or evil  and explained that “mommy and daddy have decided not to live together anymore but we both love you just as much as we always did.”

He was worried that with the children constantly, daily, and unceasingly living with their mother painting him as evil, as hating the children , and as the cause of the divorce, they  would grow up fully believing it.  The so-called ‘expert’ who was writing the article said that the father should not worry.  “Children are smart enough to see around   the lies and they will “ALWAYS KNOW WHO THEIR REAL PARENT IS.

Well, I am here to tell you – IT JUST AIN’T SO.

During the long endless divorce trial (that went on for over 5 years because my ex kept demanding we go to court for every issue and her lawyer of course agreed since I, as the father, had to pay both lawyer’s fees) I was told by one judge that I was “NEVER”, under threat of ‘Contempt of Court’ charges, supposed to tell the children the truth about the divorce even if they asked.

I was always supposed to make up a ‘neutral’ story to indicate that everything done in the divorce was totally equally agreed on between both my ex and I. We both filed for divorce together – a lie. We both asked for joint custody – a lie. We both agreed that it was best to have the children live with their mother – a lie. We both agreed where they should attend school after divorce – a lie. We both agreed on where they should spend vacation and what they should do – a lie. I told the judge that I was being instructed to deliberately lie to my children and was told, YES, I was and “I had better ensure that I did so” (judge’s words).

This all stemmed from an incident where I had asked to take the kids to visit (in western Canada) their great-grandmother who was VERY elderly (94+) and had asked to see her great-grandkids at least once and their ailing grandmother (my mom) who had just suffered a serious heart attack and it was possible she would not recover (My mom actually wrote a letter to the judge BEGGING to see her grandchildren). My ex took me to court to argue that it was more important that she be able to take the kids to Mexico than to visit their ‘father’s relatives’ who didn’t care about them anyway – I AM NOT KIDDING.

My ex WON that case and when my sons asked why we weren’t going to see grandma I told them what had happened in court. My ex told the court and the judge told me that I was the worst father she had ever seen because I told my sons the truth and she told me straight out that IF SHE EVER heard that I told the kids the truth again – even if they directly asked me a question – she would have me charged with contempt.

So over the years I always tried to come up with a ‘neutral’ answer to any questions my sons asked and I know, by what my sons told me, that my ex and her parents distorted the actual truth in every way possible. Today my sons believe that I was the bad guy – I initiated the divorce; I DEMANDED sole custody; I DEMANDED that they live with me; I REFUSED to pay any of the ransom – oops I mean support and resource splitting; and that MY relatives HATE them, etc, etc.

So, NO, they do not know who their REAL parent is.

And for all of you who say this is an anomaly and not a common occurrence I suggest you talk to the HUNDREDS of divorced fathers I have worked with voluntarily over the years who will tell you the EXACT SAME STORY.

Concerning the ‘EPIDEMIC’ of Trans-Genderism in California prisons

This post is in response to a recent article titled:

Lining up for Taxpayer funded Sex Change Operations in California Penal System

It is unfortunately and tragically true that there are people who are genuinely caught in a gender identity crisis. These people are not perverts or weirdos or any type of lower human. Nature sometimes makes mistakes and in these few cases nature has mistakenly put the wrong emotional, mental, and psychological software together with wrong body hardware. There are over 7 billion people on the planet – it should not be surprising that this happens from time to time. The people that truly suffer from this dimorphism are not to be scorned, hated, or even pitied – they need to be supported and helped (medically and surgically if necessary) to be able to aspire to the same sense of self-identity, self-worth, and self-happiness that everybody else wants for themselves. For those who truly suffer this crisis it is a huge, extremely brave step to publicly reveal themselves and a frequently heart-rending revelation for their family and friends.  I know – some  of them are very near and dear to me.

Having said that I do agree that this ‘epidemic’ of such cases in prisons and in various other public institutions does need to be seriously and thoroughly and professionally investigated to determine its validity, and if found valid, some serious mental health decisions and programs need to be started. The cost – i.e who pays for it – is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT but none-the-less VALID question – especially given the prison situation and the fact that many if not most of these people are in their current situation because of bad decisions they themselves made and need to take responsibility for.

The real question that arises is: should taxpayers fund (and are they morally and/or legally obligated to do so) the medical and potential surgical expenses for the cases in the prison population when there are probably MANY MORE cases of similarly afflicted people NOT IN PRISON, who will never be in prison, who are attempting to lead their lives the best they can with all the physical and psychological issues and suffering they endure and live with on a on a daily, never-ending basis. Unfortunately the funds are not limitless – should we be spending them on people who are good, contributing citizens in every sense, but who suffer a condition not of their own making or should we spend the funds on those who, whilst in many cases have the same condition, have made personal choices that have negatively impacted others and society in general?

Even as I have stated it, the situation Is grossly over-simplified – I am aware of that. However I am also aware and a fervent believer that one portion of the population cannot be, and does not deserve to be, shunted aside and demonised because some of their members have made detrimental self choices that impacted society negatively as a whole. Otherwise why not just set up a whole new class of ‘lazar hospitals and colonies’ and force the inhabitants to walk around with a bell around their neck.

Canada’s dumbed-down education system—A social and economic disaster

I am a resident of the Region of Peel, Ontario since I live in Mississauga and have for over 20 years. In the past year it has been decided by the Peel District School board that ALL Peel high schools will be required, during REGULAR school hours, to provide space for Friday Prayers by Muslim students – as far as I am aware no such space is required to be set aside for students of ANY OTHER Faith. What has really stirred things up was the requirement that the prayers said by the students needed some sort of prior approval or that they be standardised and that some portion be in English. This has been attacked as being Islamophobic and a violation of freedom of religion. The Muslim students and their parents insist the students be able to say ANYTHING AT ALL and TOTALLY IN ARABIC should they desire. Without even going into the concerns about turning Peel schools into ISIS recruiting grounds for disaffected teenage Muslim students – because, after all, we KNOW that would NEVER happen – the question becomes why are NON-MUSLIM taxpayers forced to support this use of the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM with their tax dollars. The ‘discussion’ has now descended into essentially all out shouting matches at Board meetings, requiring the presence of uniformed police officers to control troublemakers, and with elected board members who are opposed to this policy receiving email and voicemail threats. I have included a link to the the recent Mississauga News article about this. Included in the article is a short video excerpt form the LATEST board meeting. It is very ‘educational’ to watch it and see what our education system has descended into.

Peel School Board ‘Meeting’

Google, Take Down Your #KILLALLMEN YouTube

“I’m sick of being a baby factory that produces more men, that in the future will subjugate me,” she says on the video posted to her still posted YouTube channel. 

“So the only answer to that is to kill male babies and just kill any man you see in the street.” 

The obviously unhinged feminist goes on to say: “We want the species to go on but only with women in it. So that’s what we have to do.”

For  the story of the rest of this obviously repulsive and sickening (and Feminist approved) diatribe of pure unvarnished hatred see the Canada Free Press :  CFP

Or if you just want to be repulsed and vomit up your lunch go straight to the video:   #KILLALLMEN

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